• ©TUTORING is a program of prevention of early school leaving, whose foundation is nested in the pro-social behavior and guidance. At the same time, the program strongly promotes equal opportunities for all, volunteering work in the community, team work, solidarity and tolerance.

    In the heart of this project is the pre-school or after-school tutoring learning support session, i.e. the relation formed between a tutor (student volunteer) and his/her tutee (pupil at risk of dropout). The research shows these initiatives can positively contribute to children’s success in school. Improvements can be traced in their knowledge and learning skills and also children’s general social skills.  Inevitably the successful programs of this kind require involvement and partnerships with the larger community as well as the continually expanding outreach to parents and caregivers.

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  • Program of professional education and training IDEACTION 2017 ill first time be implemented this year with students studying in Romani language at Preschool Teacher Education College in Vrsac. The program has been created by the Western Balkans Institute WEBIN with support of Vrsac College with an aim to ease school to work transition of young people graduating from their schools and enhance their employment perspectives.

    Following the needs of young graduates, the program has been designed to: enhance employment and stimulate creativity and entrepreneurial mindset of graduates. Program will last 6 months with estimated workload of 180 hours or 6 ECTS.


    The program consists of 3 modules:

    Module 1: ‘’On the job professional training’’

    Module 2: ‘’I, entrepreneur?’’ and

    Module 3: ‘’Values of volunteering’’.


    Within first module, participants will attend training on working with children in an intercultural environment, with elements of Romani language and culture, with 8 hours duration,  that will be hosted by the Preschool Teacher Education College in Vrsac. On the job training that will follow will be carried out at preschools in the towns of Knjazevac, Prokuplje and Bela Palanka.

    Within second module, participants will attend training  about drafting of effective CV and making successful apperiance in job interview. Training will be organized in Nis, at space for creative work DELI.  Purpose of the training is to prepare the participants for job-seeking.  This module will continue with training on youth entrepreneurship which will be hosted by WEBIN in Belgrade.  Second module will end with survey on youth entrepreneurship that will be carried out by program participants.

    Within third module, participants will be engaged in community volunteering  with an aim to disseminate volunteering culture and associated values such as: solidarity, tolerance, care giving etc.

    Certificate award ceremony will be organized in October 2017 in Vrsac at Preschool Teacher Education College.

    For more information about the program, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Zlatan Halilovica at zlatan.halilovic(at) or 011-3344387.

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