About us

WEBIN is a regional organization fostering a greater degree of cooperation in the region and in relation to sectoral policies of interest and European integration issues. WEBIN works in the field of social and economic policies focusing on education, employment, public health and social inclusion while promoting gender equality and good governance.

WEBIN accomplishments contribute to strengthening of civil society and local economic development. WEBIN activities are oriented toward: the citizens of the Western Balkans countries for the purposes of enhancing their education, awareness, and participation in decision-making processes; national, regional, and local authorities, and other institutions for providing professional support; EU institutions for consultation and information dissemination;

WEBIN operates in accordance with principle of sustainable development. Environment protection policy is integrated into all WEBINs policies and activities.

WEBIN was registered in 2011 in the Republic of Serbia as an association pursuant to the provisions stipulated in the Law on Associations from 2009, and is based in Belgrade. Until 2013 it was known as the Western Balkans Socio-Economic Center (WB-SEC).



Mission & Vision

WEBIN mission is to contribute to the Western Balkans regional integration and sustainable social and economic development through research, education, professional support, and advocacy campaigns.

WEBIN vision is that of an inclusive, integrated, and economically empowered Western Balkans, the region in which knowledge acts as the catalyst for change, cooperation, and stable social and economic development.

  • Fostering Western Balkans intra-regional cooperation and integration processes between the region and the European Union
  • ­Supporting democratization and good governance through enhancing citizens participation in the decision-making processes at local, national, and regional level
  • ­Supporting institutions from the region in designing and implementing policies with respect to EU integration aspirations
  • ­Fostering networking and cooperation among the stakeholders from the Western Balkans region, and between the region and the European Union
  • ­Promoting principles of sustainable development and Millennium Development Goals
  • ­Fostering local economic development
  • ­Facilitating social inclusion of marginalized groups of citizens
  • Promoting peace, tolerance, and respect of human and socio-economic rights of the citizens


Our team thrives towards research excellence. We obtain data and information through reliable sources and thorough and rigid analysis. Evidence-based approach is integrated into our strategic planning, programs, and activities whatever the field of work. This enables us to publlish timely, informative, innovative, and comprehensive analyses, reports, studies, recommendations, and opinions on top of the agenda issues in the social affairs arena.


We develop standing programs that contribute to reaching organizational objectives in the fields of our work. Each program has specific approach and methodology developed by our team of experts.


Our programs/initiatives are implemented together with one or more partners partaining to either civil society, private, and/or publiic sector with an aim to ensure a wider resource ground, hence improving the quality and sustainability of the results achieved.


A viable cooperation with our partners and important stakeholders is being developed and nourished throug continuous consultation and mutual information sharing. This way we ensure an evidence-based approach to our research, opinions, and recommendations issued.


We organize advocacy and public campaigns with an aim to influence public policies, processes and decisions, to inform decision-makers and the general public, raise awareness on the importance of a particular topic, and enhance cittizens participation in the decision-making processes.